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I called Direct Connect Plumbing for a relatively straightforward project for my store and I can`t tell you how suprised and pleased I was that Direct Connect Plumbing came to the store himself to go over the details. The next day his crew was at my store doing the work. The care and politeness they demonstrated can`t be overstated. They not only wore booties while doing the work, but they swept up behind themselves every time the entered or exited my store, which was important because we were open for business. I am using them on yet another project. Great outfit.


Great Service Always. Direct Connect Plumbing came today to flush and inspect hot water heater. He did a Great job. Direct Connect Plumbing initally installed it in 2010 and did awesome then too. We have him back every year for the inspection. We always ask for Direct Connect Plumbing.He is Friendly, Knowledgeable, and always on time. He always takes time to address our concerns and questions. We never feel rushed. He is Awesome!!


Direct Connect Plumbing is a very Professional Company Mr. Keith and his Son did some restroom plumbing and they did work far beyond the call of duty. I'm Very Very SATISFIED and Pleased with their Professional Services. I Highly recommend this Company. Thanks Burrell Adams


My name is Keith Raybon and I'm the spokesperson for Direct Connect Plumbing not direct connection plumbing. We r 5 star rated since 2004. My apologies for all ur inconveniences BUT, DON'T work for any home warranty company. We also do not service palm springs area!! Once again , hate u had a bad experience but it's two different companies!!


I have never had a bad review. Can u read my name correctly before you Keep degrading the wrong Company! I am Direct Connect Plumbing! Not Direct Connection Plumbing. We don't work for a home Warranty company. Please stop smashing the wrong Company . We r stationed in Compton, Ca


One of the best plumbers in town very pleasant & professional. Whenever I've had a problem I can definitely depend on Direct Plumbing. If you are need of someone Affordable, Reliable And Very Trustworthy Keith is your guy. Thank you DCP!!!

- Tkp K.


These guys are great!!! Need a reliable plumber that's affordable and knows what they are doing. Keith did a great job and didn't cut any corners. He was at my door step in 30min knew exactly what the problem was and even did more that what was expected.

- The Stephens F.


My lady and I were recently gifted a home...definitely a blessing! But with that blessing came multiple issues. This review is based on one (2) of those issues.

I get a call at work saying that there was a pipe that burst and was leaking in in my front yard and garage. My lady said that she knew a plumber from the neighborhood and that his estimate was $100 less than another guys. Based on an estimate that much lower than the other guy, I just knew he was not going to be the type of person I have become accustomed to working with. I was wrong!

To my surprise, he beat me to the house and was nearly finished when I got home. He was dressed appropriately, clean, prompt and worked efficiently! He worked so well and so quick that we called him out for a totally separate plumbing issue later that I said multiple issues!

I said all that to say this...the man gets the job done, does it in a quick fashion and is reasonably priced...which says a lot in 2017. If you have any issues, I suggest you call him won't be disappointed...I wasn't!!!

- Jacquez J.


My shower head broke off and water was running everywhere. We were able to stop it and needed a plumber as soon as possible. We contacted Direct Connect Plumbing and they came right out in the morning to assess the damages. Turned out we needed to tear into the wall to replace the valve and elbow and would need the tiles replaced. The owner himself came out and brought it him a tile setter who was able to fix the wall as soon as the plumbing was done and the wall looks like new!
Glad I didn't get a third party but went with "DIRECT CONNECT", (pun intended), to do the job.
Dr. Fulton

- Ralph F.


DCP, is very professional and
clean and also have reasonable prices.
I had another plumber come out and he was trying to change me
twice the amount as Direct Connect plumbing.

- Dt T.

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